Nice to
meet you.

My name is Nils Meyer, CEO of Meyer Mosaic Manufactory. I will try to show you how unique you can present your art, pictures and sculptures with glass mosaic. Glass never loses its color and has a unique depth effect. The Smalti technology has the unmistakable surface. What we create together will remain imperishable and eternal. Hope you enjoy.

Nils Meyer

Our work
speaks for itself.

Our experience with mosaics has been for over 50 years from the establishment of exclusive residential buildings, sacred buildings and the luxury ship building on cruise ships. Our partners in Northern Italy, especially in Venice, produce more than 3500 different colors, original gold leaf, in all traditional hand-made techniques and inlays. The assembly is done with our own specially trained craftsmen, and specially developed resin/epoxide solution. Traditional craftsmanship and the use of modern assembly technology is our strength.

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+49 (0) 511 74 40 56

For the material and design meeting, I pick you up with water taxi on the Venice airport and by the way you will experience the unique Italian flair.

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